Sengoku V GIFs


Great gifs as usual! Thanks.

I gues I can approve of one half of one gif. Hehe.

Well, I will say that I was far more conscious of what I was doing during the armbar defense than the kimura defense.

Awesome gifs

Oh, believe it or not, my arm is not at all sore this morning. My momma gave me flexible joints. Now why couldn't she give me extra deep veins and arteries? What a bizzle!!

Damn! Brutal beating by Xande.

Rafb428 - Damn! Brutal beating by Xande.

 Is that the first gif? I was trying to figure out which fight that one was

Yeah, that is the first gif. I would fight Xande in a 14 minute fight, but the fifteenth minute seems a little scary.

 Cool thanks-- your fight looked exciting as hell, can't wait to catch a full video of it

Wait no longer.

Logan Clark is a gentleman and a scholar.


Crooklyn -  Smoogy, can ya tell me where I can see Mo's fight?

 PM Sent

thanks for the gifs

that was a pretty sweet kimura escape