Sengoku XI Full Card (with pics)

 LIVE on HDNet Sat. Nov. 7th at 2:00 AM EST. - What say you?

Hatsu Hioki No. 4 vs. Michihiro Omigawa No. 19

Jorge Santiago No. 6 vs. Mamed Khalidov (19-3-1)

Satoru Kitaoka (25-9-9) [No. 17] vs. Jorge Masvidal (18-4)

Kazunori Yokota (10-2-3) vs. Eiji Mitsuoka (16-6-2)

Kevin Randleman (17-13) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (7-0)

Akihiro Gono (29-15-7) vs. Yoon Young Kim (12-4)

Marlon Sandro (14-1) vs. Yuji Hoshino (16-7-7)

Dave Herman (15-1) vs. Jim York (11-3)

Shigeki Osawa (3-0) vs. Ronnie "Ushiwaka" Mann (16-2-1)

Yuichiro Yajima (9-9-1) vs. Ryota Uozomi (9-2-2)

Hirokazu "Bull" Konno (1-3) vs. Tomoaki Ueyama (2-3)


Omigawa b*tches...


His cavemullet is intense.

Really good card! Kitaoka-Masvidal should be good.

disbeliever - lol @ 20-3 vs 7-8

lol word.

Admitedly, I will enjoy it. But itll be interesting to see if the UG bitches about it the way they bitch about NYBA.

Eh, I don't think you would understand.


disbeliever - lol @ 20-3 vs 7-8

Why "lol"?  Is that suggestion that Omigawa is overmatched or out of his league because of his record?

That's shenanigans.  Hioki's a pimp, and rightfully much higher ranked, but Omigawa has fought better competition, and at a higher weight class.  His losses include JZ, Aaron Riley, Yokota, Wiman, and Tavares... all solid 155'ers, and his only losses at this weight are Jung and Kanehara.

Additionally, Hioki was favored to win the tournament, and withdrew due to injury, while Omigawa went to the finals and lost a razor-thin split decision to Kanehara.


 Or maybe you SHOULD read into it before F@CKING LOL'ing!!!!1

J/k.  I'm calm.

I really hope Gono can get back on track.

WAR Satoru "Asian Joe Stevenson" Kitaoka

 How has Masvidal been doing? When was his last fight?

wmkelleo - WAR Satoru "Asian Joe Stevenson" Kitaoka

He does have the Stevenson face down pat in that picture.

cycklops -  How has Masvidal been doing? When was his last fight?
He subbed Eric Reynolds in Bellator after the Imada fight.


SNewman - Really good card!


Is Kanehara injured, cause Hioki already beat him, but due to injury Kanehera took his place and beat Omigawa to win the why Omigawa vs. hioki, should be Sandro vs. Hioki since they both sort of got effed over.



 Looking forward to Kitoaka vs Masvidal and Herman vs York.  And of course the Omigawa fight