Sensible Progression with WW?



I've been working on the basic tape for about a week and a half. I can really feel it in my joints-- a slight soreness. Not pain or anything dehabilitating, just a feeling like I'd been in an arm bar or two. My joints have stopped the dull clicking that they were making in some of the planes of motion that I don't commonly move them in (for instance, the behind the back shoulder circles).

I took a gander at the intermediate and advanced tapes, to see if you gave a guideline for progression. Since I have pretty good ROM on all my joints (I can do side splits, and I'm equally flexible in my upper body), I figured that I would make a point to stick with the beginner for at least a month before thinking about progressing to the intermediate program. I'm also rehabbing RC tendinitis and an hypertrophied AC joint, but that's feeling around 98% now, from a combination of WW, acupuncture and physical therapy. I'm optimistic that the shoulder will be completely healed in the next 2-3 weeks, so that shouldn't be much of an issue. Besides, from watching the intermediate tape, it doesn't appear that the exercises are more stressful than the beginning tape, but "merely" require more coordination.

You say that we should stick with the beginning tape for a substantial period fo time. What do you consider "substantial"? Is one month definitely not enough, that I should consider sticking with the beginner program for something like 6-12 months? I'm fine with being conservative with my progression, but I don't want to hold myself back if I could be progressing more rapidly. Just seeing if you could give me some kind of guideline.