Separated Shoulder

I got one of these(type 3) at the start of April. It now has the full range of movement, but I can definitely feel something when it is in extended positions.

Has anyone else had one of these injuries, and how did it affect your rolling?

I have one of these from my old football days and it will be with me for the rest of my life (unless I decide to have surgery).

Get a book called "7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution". You can probably find it on Amazon. If not, these guys sell it for a reasonable price.

The exercises in there really help strengthen the muscles around your shoulder. DON'T use heavy weight.

Your shoulders will feel worse the first week or so, but stick to it. By week 2 or 3, you will notice the difference.

When you roll, get in the habit of keeping your arm(s) close to your torso. Extending your arms in BJJ is not a good thing and it sucks for your bum shoulder.

Same type injury from a car wreck. My chriopractor, and BJJ purple belt, has adjusted and helped me strengthen it with several exercises. Kettlebells have been helping me lately.


Brutal injury that seems to have destroyed my ability to go to heavy on certain lifts.

Great suggestion on that book.

yes i suffered a third degree separation about a year ago at work.

As time goes on you will see you can do things you were not able to do before. I never thought I would be swinging a heavy kettlebell and doing cleans etc.

Stay strong and train smart..stay within comfort zone. Rolling will feel better and better and posting on it will eventually feel ok.

Give it time and be patient, other than the prominent bump you will eventually forget you even have it. My ortho advised to not have surgery.

I have many ex-gymnast friends and they have all suffered it and were competing within a year and the shit they do is nuts.

Do the PT strengthening exercises and also take carlsons fish oil

One thing I had to do was join a gym instead of using my home gym which is great but basic. While benching hurt the decline hammer strength machine felt great etc.

I spend a training day at gym doin traps and shoulders and some scapula exercises. This keeps shoulder girdle strong and also helps with appearance of bump

I was very bummed and depressed when it happened. It felt ok within a couple months but close to a year to forget about it.

It is a weird injury and A LOT of controversy on the surgery for it.

If ou have any other questions PM me


I had a shoulder pop out and in 3-5 years ago (not sure of the first time it really bothered me) And I've been training through the pain/discomfort for years.... half assed training for a few months until it got too uncomfortable.... then a few months off. So, no progress of any kind in technique or fitness.

But after many years of shoulder problems and loss of strength, I finally got an MRI in March and found that my labrum was completely torn. It was no longer holding anything in place. So, I had surgery, in April. they put 5 anchors in my shoulder, and Ive been doing PT for over 3 months, and prob won't be on the mat or weight room until Nov.

The prognosis is that I'll be much better off after all is finsihed, but it's really been tough to deal with, and had I known it was this bad I would've gotten this fixed years ago.

It hurt the most when I got sprawled on while getting a bit over extended shooting double legs.

I think that's how Josh Thompson tore his too.

Find a good physical therapist, and follow instructions diligently. I'd assume the recommended book is written by a PT, and seeing one in person will allow you to tailor your recovery regimen to the specifics of your injury and your shoulder usage goals (i.e. what you want to be able to do with your shoulder... like jits).

Don't be afraid to get a second opinion as well.


"7-Minute Rotator Cuff Solution" is a great book. Thanks for the source. I gave my copy to a friend several years ago and have needed it many times since.

If your labrum is not torn, you might get permanent relief. Otherwise, expect a good chance of surgery someday.

Had an x-ray done, but didn't get to see it because the Dr had some new software put in for viewing them, and it broke down on the first day. Progress!

Looking for a local physio now.

I had a 2nd degree separation while training about 2 years ago. I didn't even notice it happen, but when I tried to drive home, I couldn't even lift my right arm to the steering wheel.

I took 2 weeks off, & returned to light training because I knew I'd be out of town for 2 weeks coming up & didn't want to be out 6 total weeks of training. Dumb idea, it took forever to heal. I trained in pain for about 4 months. I couldn't even toss a ball lightly w/o pain for months.

Rotator cuff exercises really do help. I used those band/tubing things a lot, & light dumbells. I did a lot of those, stretching, & ice after training. It gradually went away & was just gone one day. Make sure you take sufficient time off, it will only get worse if you don't.

If you have a stage 3, then you have soft tissue damage. You need to get an MRI. Go to ortho, get an MRI, and get it taken care of. It's going to suck having the down time, but it will be worth it.


Shoulder injuries suck arse. There is really minimal blood flow to the majority of the shoulder so it will take ages to heal.

There are a tonne of different exercises etc on the web, but first see a specialist and get some scans, x-rays only show the bone structure, look at other scans then rehab for a while, such as shown in the clip below.

good luck.

Dan Hunt it totally correct. Find a good Physical Therapist on and follow the program.

I separated mine 6 weeks ago, and just started rolling again. I work at a PT office and I still feel some pain, but not nearly as much.

Also, remember there is a difference between shoulder separation and shoulder dislocation.