Sergei accusing Aleks of multiple rapes

“You see one case, but I know much more than you”: Kharitonov claims that the crimes of “Judas” are much more serious than any assumptions.

Ushatayka journalists visited the MFP 240 tournament and talked backstage with MMA veteran Sergei Kharitonov, who was present at the show.

It is obvious that the reporter wanted to spin Sergey on the opinion about the upcoming trash fight of the drunk Alexander Emelianenko with blogger Yevgeny Ershov. But the first attempt failed - Sergey simply refused to talk about it:

“Yes, don’t even ask me. I won’t even say it. I don’t even want to discuss it."

The topic was changed, Kharitonov told a little about his plans. Sergey says that he has healed his injuries, and in the near future he is going to announce two fights at once - one in the Russian promotion, the other in the foreign one.

However, at the end of the interview they returned to Emelianenko. The reporter asked if Kharitonov wanted to say words of support to Emelianenko, and suddenly found out that “Judas” was a serial rapist:

“No support, no words of support. You explain this to those mothers whose daughters he raped in his time. That’s all. You, as they say, see one case, some episode. And I know a lot more than you. So there are things that can be forgiven and you can forget about them. And there are things that cannot be forgotten.

  • Do you have a sister?

  • Yes, I do (journalist).

  • If he raped your sister, would you say - well, the person realized his mistake, or something else?

  • I didn’t hold a candle (the journalist clearly graduated from Moscow State University, an interviewer of God level).

  • You don’t need to hold a candle, I tell you. Words of support can be expressed to a person who has done something that does not go beyond certain norms. And he realized this, he apologized to everyone. But this … this person is not a person for me.

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Sergei is ex vdv isnt he? Less talk more wagnering imo

Surprised not at all