Sergei Bytchkov

Does Bytchkov still fight?

i thought i saw him on a fairly recent card. i think it was one of the holland shows. maybe a 2 hot 2 handle show. check sherdog..

check the fight finders

All I remember was him getting a VERY gift decision against Rodney Faverus, an awesome win over the next opponent in the tourney (which he shouldn't have advanced in), gettin schooled by Mach, and KO'd by a crazy flying flip knee. Haven't seen any of his more recent fights.

dude he beat up faverus if i remember correctly. hes a bad mofo.

I just wanted to say Bytchkov. I'm not sure if I've ever even seen him fight.


Charles, Faverus was clinging to the top of the cage and was kicking the fuck out of Bytchkov with his one free leg. lol, I can't remember how long it went on for but it seemed like quite a while. But every time I've seen it I thought Faverus was robbed. I'll have to rewatch soon cause I could be way off.

He is a good fighter. I have M-1 tapes with him in as well as the JVT etc. He puts on good fights.

I've seen his last name spelled "bitchkov" too, at like fightworld or something, LOL

floppy: i must be thinking of a different fight... the fight i saw was in holland 2h2h.


That sounds like one of those events in Holland where the refs are as bad and biased as they are in Japan. Not to mention the stupid rules they use over there.