Serial Rapist

Tony and everyone on this "excelent" forum,

I just want to make a comment about a serial rapist that was put in prision a few weeks ago near my city.
He raped 6 women when they were walking alone between 21-23 pm. He used to approach them riding a bike very fast and pointing them with a gun. Then, he used to walk by his victim, pretending he was her b/f for the persons who looked at them, while he put the gun at her back (under her coat) or at her ribs, pretending he was just puting his arms around his waist as if he was her b/f.

Then, he escorted her to a desolated area and while pointing her and checking her purse, he obey her to get undress. Then, he raped her and left the scene rinding his bike.
I dont know about the rest of the victims, but one of them tried to defend herself and the rapist tried to fire the gun at her head, but fortunately, the gun didnt fire.

This story affected me a lot, because during the week, my g/f walks alone from college to her apartment (6 blocks away) at 23pm, and the neighbourhood is not the best around (in fact, it is near the neighbourhood when this rapist used to rape. He is in prision now, but he is not the only rapist around.)

What do you think of this story? Any advices for my g/f?


Hey, that's not a bad strategy on his part, although I personally wouldn't aim a gun while I was on my bike.

Forgive me--one of the things I've always believed in was troubleshooting with the question: "If I were going to assault one of the people I taught, how would I do it?" For an educator, this is a logical extension of the Blauer maxim: "How would you beat you?"

Of course, the scenario dictates. When people in self-defense adopt the obnoxious habit of "giving advice", we often visualize the scenario just a little differently than it unfolds, and our advice is dangerous. We should be teaching principles and strategies, and analyzing scenarios "in vivo" so that they can apply and generalize. This is one of Blauer's virtues: no "if this, do this" A..B..C.. sequences.

But let's just throw out ideas.

"The guy doesn't want to get hurt, doesn't want to get caught."

"If you cooperate with a rapist, you get raped..."

from the PEP audio.

Possible difficulties come from letting the guy get too close, and leaving with them to a secluded area.

Disengage or engage--choose. Someone might run and yell. I teach women and kids this: "WHO ARE YOU???" because it is brief and easily remembered, and notifies those around that the person is not in a relationship with you. This is based on Princeton research in bystander helping behaviour. Too often bystanders don't want to get involved in male-female violence because they think it's a "domestic thing", and this case exemplifies this better than any other! Now there's one or two people staring, and this girl is screaming "WHO ARE YOU" and breaking away, would you as the rapist shoot? Probably not. But even so, stats show very low hit rates for BG's hitting fleeing would-be victims.

You don't go with the guy to the "secondary crime scene" of his choosing, where prolonged rape and violence can occur. That's just a no-no, duh-duh, uh-uh, poo-poo.

"It's now 'what works'--it's 'what did you do before what you did, that made what you did work'"

Best strategy: manipulate the circumstances under which you commute. Be with a study buddy. OR, our campus has a SafeWalk program, in which one male and one female will be dispatched upon request to any location near campus.

Remember Austin Powers I, where Basil says to Austin, "I've just received word: Dr. Evil has prepared a trap for you at the Electric Shaggadelic Pussycat Lounge--TONIGHT!!!" Austin's eyes narrow as he says: "I'll BE THERE."

Man is that deep.

Thanks for posting this, I'll clip it for my gal pals.

Marcos :-) youre an avid particpant of the forum and mostly
you ask questions that do have answers, often though you
ask questions where there are no answers, where you dont
appply the knowledge based philosphy espoused in this
forum and on our tapes...

Im not criticizing you, Im just reminding you that only YOU
can make the mental shift in CONFRONTATION

Everyone is always looking for a definitive equation to solve
THEIR probelm...there is none.

There are no Katas for how to defend against a man on a
bike armed with a gun.






There's a lot of peronal work there but thats the foundation
my friend! of course some basic skill is an asset, but there
are no magic moves in anything in life; it all boils down to