Series #3 done, taking pre-orders

Series #3 is now done! We will be fininshing the masters and shipping at the end of December. PRE ORDER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!
(Available only until December 26th! A gift certificate will be mailed imeadiatly, suitable for a stocking stuffer or card. The first sets will be mailed in the first half of January. Prices will return to normal after December 26th)

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Matt's first series has become one of the top sellers of all time within Martial Arts videos. An instant classic, they set off a fire storm of controversy, and remained a central catalyst in a Martial Arts training revolution that is still taking place all over the world! They were voted as one of the top five self defense videos of all time by Black Belt magazine. Martial Arts video reviews said

"If you buy only one set of videos this year, let these be the ones. If you believe that there has been an evolutionary development in the martial arts over the last few decades, from Bruce Lee to the Gracies to the all-round fighters of then you will want to see these tapes. If you have to sell your body to medical science or your sister to an Arab oil sheik, buy these tapes!"

Voted as one of the top five videos of all time! Matt's second series, like the first series contained interviews, fight footage, and guest Instructors, and became one of the best reviewed MMA instructional sets . Series two still remains a top seller and has sold all over the world in over 50 Countries.

It's been more then Five Years since series #2 hit the market, and now the final in this trilogy of Functional Martial Arts Instructional sets is here!

Series Three promises to be as enjoyable and entertaining to watch as the first two were, and just as revolutionary!

The set:

Disc #1 - The A.P.E Guard this one hour and 40 minute DVD covers all the fundamental and advanced movements, concepts and drills that will help you develop a guard which remains offensive. APE Stands for active pressure and energy, and the set includes guard retention, sweeps, submissions, closed and open guard attacks, and the differences between gi and no gi.

Disc #2 – The Iron Coffin Top Game this one hour and 20 minute dvd covers all the skills and drills needed in order to develop that heavy, crushing, air tight top game that BJJ is known for. This dvd includes the fundamental 5 skills on top, the different pressures and energies, submissions, transitions, & attacks and drills from both cross sides and mount position.

Disc #3 – Escapes from bottom for MMA & BJJ this one hour and 40 minute DVD covers the fundamental 5 principles of escaping from bottom, as well as an entire series designed for escapes when strikes are included. Whether you train for gi BJJ, no-gi, or MMA this set will help you get out.

Disc #4 – Half Guard & Back Attacks This one hour and 20 minute DVD covers the basic half guard bottom escape game used by the SBGi athletes, the "stone squirrel". It also includes a host of different half guard bottom sweeps, reversals, and attacks. It then proceeds into the fundamentals of holding and passing half guard top, using the smashing top game. Following this a full segment on using the harness for back attacks is covered. Including all the fundamental SBGi back attack drills!

Disc #5 – MMA Guard! Here it is, this one hour dvd covers all the fundamental elements of the MMA guard game that all the SBGi athletes have been putting into successful application for the last Six Years. How to defend against the ground and pound, sweep and submit your opponent.

Disc #6 – De La Riva & X Guard this hour and ten minute dvd covers a host of attacks for when your opponent stands inside your guard. These include the X guard offense as used by Luis Gutierrez, the DLR guard for gi, no-gi and MMA, and many other attacks, submissions, and turnovers!

Disc #7 – Advanced Clinch this hour and fourty minute dvd is jam packed with all the basics you need in order to develop a world class clinch game. The dvd includes all the clinch fundamentals taught within SBGi through the "clinch surfing" drill. The fine points of double neck ties, striking in the clinch, using the wall or fence, working underhooks, control, takedowns and throws!

Disc #8 – Keep it standing! This hour plus dvd covers the revolutionary curriculum developed by SBGi Coach Karl Tanswell & the SBG-UK Coaches. The SBG_UK athletes have been using this material for the last several Years to help dominate in the Cage, and now for the first time it's available to the public. The entire curriculum is designed solely to allow you to stay on your feet within the MMA Cage, and/or a self defense situation, and is all included on this DVD.

Disc #9 – Aliveness the sequel! This two hour and fifteen minute dvd is stuffed with interviews, conversations, demonstrations, and drilling footage, which deals with the number one overriding philosophical principle SBGi was founded on. . .Aliveness.

Warning regarding the Aliveness DVD: this is NOT an instructional dvd. This dvd is not designed to teach any movements, skills, or drills. It is instead an interview and philosophy dvd that is meant for those interested in gaining a more in depth understanding of what Aliveness is all about. For this reason we have created separate set prices and we realize some people are only interested in the instructional portion of our set.

In addition to SBGi Head Coach Matt Thornton, this set includes a host of world class guest Instructors, featuring: Luis Gutierrez (Vice President & resident radical "El Che"), Chris Haueter (BJJ grandmaster & pez dispenser of wisdom), Karl Tanswell (UK Director & fellow lunatic), Adam Singer (world class MMA Coach & Lobby boxer), John Kavanagh (Ireland Director & designated driver), Mike Sweeney (SBGi Business manager & token Canadian), Tom Oberhue (old school SBG & resident square), Steve Whittier (Eastern Regional Director & dry humor specialist), Jeff Wassom (SBGi OG!), Travis Davison (PDX Coach & loveable dickhead), Rick Davison (PDX Coach & windshield boxer), Chris Connelly (representing the dirty south), Rebecca Sweeney (princess of MMA). . . .and many more! PRE ORDER CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!
(Available only until December 26th! A gift certificate/card will be mailed immeadiatly, suitable for a stocking stuffer or card. The first sets will be mailed in the first half of January. Prices will return to normal after December 26th)

The BJJ Set (includes discs 1 – 6) '8 hours of instruction!' All six BJJ DVD's = 199. Pre order special price! = 179.00

The entire DVD set (includes all 9 dvds) 'eleven plus hours of instruction!' All 9 Series #3 DVD's = 269. Pre order special price = 239.00

The set will be available for purchase online at our secure store located at within the next 24 hours.

Or you can order immeadiatly by calling Tonie toll free at: 1-888-888-2850 (or 503-280-5245 outside the US).

We have already recieved an enormous volume of e-mails and calls regarding this series, so please be patient, Tonie will be checking the voicemail daily and will return all calls and order ASAP.

TTT! Sounds awesome!

It was a very good idea to put all the interviews and assorted philosophies etc on a seperate disc. Very good.

Please clarify though that the actual instructionals will not feature interviews interupting the teaching?

A few of the dvds do have interviews with various coaches, such as Adam Singer, Chris Haueter, etc, but they are at the very end of the dvds as a bonus feature on the menu.

They do not interupt the instructionals.

The instructional segments for this series are actually much longer then I would have normally liked. . .but there is so much info and detail there was really no other way to do it.

"A few of the dvds do have interviews with various coaches, such as Adam Singer, Chris Haueter, etc, but they are at the very end of the dvds as a bonus feature on the menu."

Nice. Nothing worse than having talking heads turn up midway through an instructional. Good work putting them at the end too instead of giving them the axe- people who like them can check them out, people who dont dont have to bother.

The topic that seems to be missing is guard surfing.

This contains probably THE best info on top game and escapes and definately on MMA guard.


And now Christmas just arrived!

Hi Matt, does this series stand on it's own or is it a continuation of series 2?
I've got your first set and was planning on getting the second but after seeing your post I might just skip the second and get the new one.



Looks like a nice set...

I have series 2 and it's good.  I've always wondered if I should also get series 1 or Hauter's set.  I've never seen either.  I have seen all the seminar stuff though and they were excellent.

Hi Steve, I would say this series would stand on its own.

Yes, it does not contain guard surfing. THat drill wa developed after these were shot. I may do a seperate dvd on guard surfing and passing sometime in the future.

can't wait to see some reviews of this set.

Preview clips are a really good idea matt.

Matt, I would definitely buy a guard passing dvd that included surfing and butterfly passing.

I will try and get some preview clips posted when I get back from NY next week.

^^^ we might not let you leave...

TTT for Series 3!

It appears to be online in the store now. I hope it works:)

Man, and right after I finally got FJKD2!

So are series 1 and 2 really that good !?

Anyone care to give thoughts ?

Sort of passed beneath my radar. Should I consider it ?