Series about making of "The Godfather" called "The Offer"

Apparently this is dropping at the end of April. It’s generally from the producer’s view and the problems they had getting the movie made.

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A good friend of mine is part of it. Looks very good


Looks interesting but you know Hollyweird is out of ideas when they’re making movies about making movies…


It seems there were some drama behind the scenes that might be worth telling a story (me thinks)

At least they didn’t reboot it, call it The Godmother, and make Vito into a trans.



Careful Trust, you might be offered the president of Paramount with this type of forward thinking.

Allegedly the colombos made them edit the script.

I hear the episodes are started. Anyone seen it so far? how is it?

Looks cool.

Seems heavy on the over exaggeration and nothing really pulled me in

I made it 2 episodes and taped out!

I know someone involved in this series. That person told me he expect it to bomb…

Well, I guess I’m weird - I’m liking this series.

The acting is a bit over the top; especially some of the vocals used by the actors. Giovani Ribbisi(sp?) sounds nothing like Joe Colombo.

I love it. The dude who plays a young pacino is perfect.