Series pt 3 results

Hey guys here are the results from today's tourny.

Under 140... no one showed up... what's up with that?

Shay, Cory, Deb, John L, Dylan, Trevor, Dang, Dayton, Joel... hope you guys make the next one.


1st Devon Jones, and John Nguyen tied

3rd Michael Saddleback, who moved up from 133lbs as
he was the only lightweight.


1st Chris Ade... can anybody stop this guy?

2nd Sebastian Horvath

3rd Calvin Yeong... nice work on your first medal Calvin!


1st Troy Sorenson

2nd Nikolay Bukharin

3rd Vedran Ristic


1st Slava Kashaev

2nd Luis Alarcon

3rd Altermar Costa & Matt Walker tied

205 and up

1st Nick Ring

2nd Mike Yackulic

3rd Danny Valimaki

Big thanks to everyone that came out, and those that helped out. Kime Newton, Dennis Svenson, Dan Chambers, Craig Malin all did a great job reffing. This one had a good average turnout, but if everyone who has come to one came to the next one Aug 25 we would have 95 people out... that's crazy. Really nice to see that many people out there that are into this... be great to see you at the MIND BODY SOUL June 30th.

Also, thanks to Tarik and Nick Ring for coming out. It was a blast to roll with those guys, as well as Danny Valimaki and Tim Hague.

I'll have the leaders of the divisions up soon.

Thanks again

Mike Yackulic

Here are the current standings as of May 27th.

Under 140

1st Lane Binetruy

2nd John Lauro

3rd Dylan Walton

4th Michael Saddleback


1st Tony Bibby

2nd Josh Gallant

3rd John Nguyen

4th Devon Jones


1st Chris Ade

2nd Manuel Aragon

3rd Sebastian Horvath

4th Rob Thompson


1st Troy Sorenson

2nd Nikolay Bukharin

3rd Jason Zorthian

4th Mark Fife


1st Sheldon Westcott

2nd Altermar Costa

3rd Luis Alarcon

4th AJ Scales

205- up

1st Bernie St. Pierre

2nd Delainy Barry

3rd Nick Ring

4th Tim Hague

Congrats to all you guys. We will continue the SERIES Aug 25.

That tournament was a blast, 10 matches was INSANE! I cant believe how sore I am today.
John Grant

Yeah man, so much fun!!! Can't wait for the next one!!!


Haha Tim you and I didnt really have a BJJ match

Ha ha ha yeah we were both too tired to take one another down and i couldn't seem to lock up that sloppy standing guillotine on you. the tenth match of the day was a bit slow i must admit lol.

Maybe next time we will meet earlier and throw eachother around a bit.

Thanks to the other girl (Emily?) for the fight! Had a body triangle on for most of the match, and I just couldn't get the choke on. She has some skills for sure, and it was fun.

Haven't figured out this whole tournament thing yet and I feel like I was in way over my head. At least I know what to expect for next time, I guess.

Also, sorry to anyone it may have affected if I messed up the division by leaving early. Haven't gotten over this cold, and the death sauna of the upstairs room got to me!

All is forgiven Sheena. Given the circumstances, you did make it through four matches. As for tapping out Emily, no one has been able to tap her out with a RNC (yet). You can tap her out with any other submission, but just not with a RNC.

I'm glad that Mike decided to put the gals in with the guys. It gives the girls way more matches. That being said, I'm a little disappointed to hear about some condescending remarks made about the women by some of the guys. I wont get into details, but that sort of attitude shouldn't be allowed. I guess if there was more of an accepting attitude toward them, more women would come out and compete and then they could have their own division.

All of that aside, I really enjoyed the tournament. It was a great group of guys. Everyone was a pleasure to grapple with.... even when Nick Ring kicked my ass. Mike kicks my ass all the time, so nothing new. I'm looking forward to the next one. I was a little nervous about having 10 people in the division, but in the end it turned out great.

If all these big guys keep coming out, I may have to start putting on some more weight.

Grasshopper who are you? I couldnt believe I had to fight 10 times in a day...I really didnt mind I just literally couldnt believe it. I had done about 4-5 bjj tourneys in Halifax over the years and had like 5 fights combined throughout all of them. I have moved to Edmonton and have about 17 already in under a year. Looking forward to working out with the guys at the north end Arashi-do and the next few tourneys.

Hey everyone, In regards to Grasshopper's (Danny Valimaki) comments on women being bashed. I mixed the girls in with the guys and neither of them complained. I am willing to bet that the guys making rude comments would whine and complain if they had to get bumped up a weight class.

I am totally against any disrespectful/rude comments towards women competitors, for the reason Danny mentioned.

For those of you that think they are TOO GOOD to roll with women, or feel they need to make any snide remarks,


To those that enjoyed the tournament like Tapsta, thanks.

I love these tourny's for the same reason Tapsta mentioned... you get a lot of experience.

Happy you liked it John,

See you guys June 30th.


Thanks for saying what needed to be said guys. Given the competition in Grande Prairie, I feel it is beneficial for them to come down as often as possible to these tournaments (especially when they asked to be notified of any grappling events happening down in Edmonton). I certainly don't want my friends from there feeling that it wasn't worth the trip down.

I entered my first bjj tourney in April this year and they combined a few women in our division. I had the priviledge of competing against Jo Jo and was hoping to compete against Misty also, but didn't make it that far!

I never had any problem competing against girls at all.

When you're our size, it doesn't matter what you are!

I say kudos to the promoters for mixing the divisions up

Fine if there are enough entries, separate them, but if not, where's the harm?