Serious ? for those that think Condit lost

You're mad that Condit was declared the winner.

Do you feel that Diaz won, or that the fight should've been a draw?

Most people had it 1,2,3 and 5 Diaz

Even if u give condit the closest round Which was rd 3 it still leaves

1,2,5 for diaz Phone Post

1,2,3 and 5 Diaz... Bs Phone Post

 I feel at least 2 rounds were too close to clearly give it to one fighter over the other.

I think adding a finishing bonus in title fights needs to be implemented.

I think there needs to be a stipulation censored by UFC brass that says if the fight is a draw, your paycheck is less, but if both fighters came to scrap, UFC can still pay out win bonus's to the fighters if they see fit. 

I don't care.

They both looked terrible and undeserving of that title.

Just my opinion.

KrzyBnzJnz - What a stupid fucking question... "For those that think Condit LOST.."

Well those that think Condit LOST obviously think Diaz WON.

Way to make another shitty Condit/Diaz thread.

 Thread titles are limited to a certain amount of characters.(Title should've been, for those that are mad that condit was declared the winner-but that doesn't fit)

Just read this question for easier comprehension for your comprehension level.

Do you feel that Diaz won, or that the fight should've been a draw?

 a lot of people dont like Nick, thusly some feel he lost, but unfortunately everyone else knows he won