Hey guys I have a serious question to ask about judo.

The reason I am asking you all these questions is that we have a 6th dan here. He is a great guy for the most part, but he refuses to cross train with us. I want my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys to do Judo because I hate flopping guard. I love Judo and think it will be a great compliment to what we do. The problem is this, I regularly toss all his guys, and submitt them rather quickly on the ground. He has lost nearly 15 students to our gym because we train. Coach is an older guy and senile at times. He talks to much and doesnt let his guys fight and sweat. So they are coming to my gym. He is a USJA guy and pretty much has the market here on judo. I went and won the KY state Judo championships for him and he wont promote me. What is the best way to deal with this situation?


It seems as their isn't anything to "deal" with. He isn't interested.

sometimes the old guard won't see the new light..

KY's gotta have good wrasslers around! lure them in with the promise of beer..

After more than 15 years with my Sensei, we parted ways because he, as Bull said, wouldn't see the light. He felt groundwork was useless since there was no reason to be on the ground. I am his highest ranking belt. We still train together on occasion but i have since moved on. He still doesn't understand why i'm so interested in MMA....

exactly. There are many martial artists that I respect, but will never see eye to eye with. I wish them the best and just keep plodding along looking for like-minded people.

But I still want to get rank in judo and incorporate Judo into our BJJ game.


hey man, I want Lloyd Irvin to adopt me and Leo Dalla to be my next door neighbor but you get what you get. how about his senior students? any black belts willing to cross over to the dark side?

Several Browns, but he doesnt promote to often. I guess I will just have to do a little traveling and get promoted by someone else. IF ANYONE KNOWS A BB IN JUDO MOVING TO THE TN AREA EMAIL ME.


An old friend of mine is in TN, at one of the big universities. He is a yondan now I think, former elite competitor from Italy. I want to say Chatanooga, but I just can't remember.

I found it. He is at Vanderbilt.

Here is the contact page, look under "Judo".

Ruggero is a great coach. I don't know how he does promotions now, though.

Ben R.