Serious Tony C. question

I know his creds are questioned, but I have heard many things about his skills, and how they are legit. I just wondered personal opinion on here about his skills were?

His skills have never been verified in any competition unfortunately. I
understand he had the chance to wrestle Johnny Husky and declined (for
medical reasons or something).

On the other hand there is a jiu-jits practicioner that made a video with
Cecchine named Shawn Chitwood, I don't know him from Adam but seems
like a very nice and honest guy, who says he isn't bad (I guess the medical
reasons took a day off or something).

There is a thread on the forum that speaks of this issue

Please tread lightly people, I'd hate to see a bunch of empty "Tony C"
threads at the bottom of our forum because people can't discuss this
topic with civility. Thanks!

Thanks, Jake. Didn't Lou call him a hooker? Correct?

The main reason for the thread was because it seems I saw you speaking of his non credentials one time. But everyone else seemed to think he was real. I had heard good things of him of people that rolled with him at a camp in Edinboro, but alot of them were new to grappling, except a puple belt from Seattle, and I heard he was just trying to survive, never really got any offense off.

I love catch, but do not know alot of it's current history. Who is Johnny Huskey? Sounds familar, but can't place it.

Yes, Lou's endorsement puzzled me and Lou's protege Mark Fleming

Johnny Huskey is a catch practioner that has picked Billy Wick's brain
more than anyone else.

What did you think of his tape set? I didn't really roll after I got them, only here and there, so never implemented alot of what I saw in person, but it looked like good stuff.

Johnny, is pops top guy and head coach of shooters gym! Helluva guy, and really knows his wrestling .

See the RMATA thread.

Thanks guys for keeping this and some related threads civil. We have a great bunch of posters here and although they aren't always going to agree on everything there's no need to "infight".

I believe Shawn Chitwood is a student of noted judo/jujutsu teacher John Saylor.

Is it ok to ask for a link to that specific RMATA thread?

The link would be nice, and thanks Scuffler, as I w3as kinda nervous posting this, and thought about just e-mailing Jake the question. of you want to see for yourself

Along wiht having been a student of Saylor, Shawn Chitwood is also a talented Brown Belt in BJJ (got it 2-3 years back actually) under Saul Ribeiro. So, in other words his opinions hold value in my eyes.

At RMATA, then General Topics, then Interesting Catch Blog.

The link would be nice,

here's the problem, we are all looking for the same thing: the one person who's is the "shaolin kung fu ninja master black belt to the tenth power" of CACC. we are looking for a pedigree from our instructors and by proxy ourselves.
it's not going to happen. farmer burns and frank gotch are probably trying to piss on all of us.
tony c and matt furey are marketing masters. they are the major factor for me even discovering catch. for that i am grateful. if there are integrity issues it does tarnish their image quite a bit. if tony c never put it on the line for real, i guess that's his demon not ours. if you think about it that wasn't his role. effectively, he is a diplomat not an infantrymen. cacc was almost dead. all of us in the catch community, collectively, have a responsibility to enter grappling tournaments and mma events and "lay it on the line for real" and extoll the virtues of catch.
look at what the gracies have done for the past 90 years.
"ranks below black belt are awarded by individual professors and then are confirmed publicly through competition with other students of the same rank"
that's what made old time catch wrestlers great, having the guts to put their skills on public display win, lose or draw.
i think it will be the second generation of catch that makes a major impact.
it's not about the guy ten years who(insert- coulda, shoulda, woulda) kicked ass but didn't. the line in the sand must be drawn by a coalition of the willing.

Has anyone rolled with Tony C like a full on round and see if you could tap him? I liked his instructional i have to admit and learn alot of things that i have taken in for my game development. Erik Paulson also is one of the best i have seen in grappling i dont know if he has been in any Arbu Dharbi or anything does anyone know? How would he go?


Erik Paulson has competed in ADCC, maybe in the last 4 years or so (I think before he trained Ken Shamrock for a UFC fight). I don't recall how he did, though.


Tony C is not a marketing master. The guy hardly makes any money. Especially compared to Matt Furey or even your local TKD school.

It's not just Shawn Chitwood that vouches for Tony. UFC veteran Shonie Carter has personal vouched for his ability.

Erik competed in ADCC 2004 and, from what I heard, was beaten pretty bad. I don't know this for sure but I remember hearing this. He came in at 206 and had to fight heavyweight too.