serious wrist locks

ok, in my BJJ understanding, wrist locks are not common (at least aikido style or chin na style). However, I just got a dvd set with Rodrigo Mederios and he shows a few and another set showed 2 or 3 of them (Rinaldo Santos?). If I remember right, didn't Garcia beat Pe De Pano using one? Are they uncommon but still an integrel part of your game? Who here uses them with success?


They are still part of the game for sure!!! If you are sleeping people will catch you quick.

Wristlocks can be very effective.

Especially to set up other attacks as people defend them.

My favorite submission is to get someone's back then transition to a reverse triangle and finish the wrist. If I catch a guy sleeping I'll do it from top mount and I'm constantly looking for new situations to get them at but one's where I have control, not where I have to snap it quick to get the finish.

Fredson Paixao uses them and I've seen Jacare do it from a standing when his opponent grabbed his lapel

Marc Laimon tapped Ricardo Pires just a few seconds into thier match at the Abu Dhabi qualifiers.

They work. But are very situational.

I've been caught here and there but have yet to pull one off....I know Garcia caught Pablo Popovitch with one in the ADCC finals...


that's who I meant... Popovitch... not Pe.



I got caught with one the other day. I was sleeping against someone I should have been able to beat, didn't see it coming and bam.

The following week he went for it again and I defended it easily. Good sneak move imo. Taught me to stay awake whoever I'm sparring with.

I've got a lot of "functional" wrist lock experience from my pre-BJJ grappling days.  I can can them most of the time against white belts whenever I want to, and I'd estimate I get them about 30-40% of the time against blue belts, even when they know I'm going for them. 

I use them a lot as a high-percentage submission that also helps set up a lot of other transitions and/or submissions.  DEFINITELY an integral part of my game.

Check out the sparring footage on Roy Harris' "BJJ Over 40". It's a great set, even if you're way under forty. ;) He does an insane amount of wristlocks in that footage.

Is he bending his wrist backwards in that video?

I never even thought of bending someones wrist backwards before...

I have some 6 years of Aikido under my belt (lol) and I think I've done some wristlocks... BUT only the one type "gooseneck" ones - the other's I've occasionally used for fun OR successfully to create space but never to submit...

nice clip! I never saw a wristlock submission before.

paixao subbed leitao with one at the mundials (2002 i think).

Royce showed us one yesterday in a seminar used when the person defends the gi choke from the mount. Described it as a good suprise move

Oh yeah, it's surprising... Just sink it in slowly, or he'll scream. ;)

You can get wristlocks in four directions.

but not at the same time