Serious Yoga skills (vid)

Simply amazing .... I never thought these moves were possible.


One of my good friends is certified by this woman in her style of yoga (Forrest). My friend is pretty sick. She trains 3 hours a day and teaches classes 3 hours a day...

Not really sure. We don't talk about money much. What she has said is that the certification process was pretty intense, and that entry-level instructors don't make too much. I think the money starts coming in when you get higher levels of certification. She has another job to go along with her Yoga.

I've never taken her class, but I guess one of the main components of Forrest yoga is to go over very personal shit as a sort of therapy and to gain insight while practicing. The founder in these vid's was abused as a kid which led to drug abuse as well. She openly talks about it during the session to heal and harden herself while hoping the students get insight into their own emotional problems. If your friend's GF isn't comfortable revealing stuff like that about herself to a room of strangers, then maybe forrest yoga isn't for her. I'm not 100% sure this is a requirement, but from what my friend has said, it's common. I know she does it at least.

If I remember correctly, Back Bay Yoga has something going on with the founder of Forrest Yoga in February. She should go and see if she'd still be into it.

Very supple, strong and balanced woman.

A lot of good female Gymnasts would struggle with her moves!

Very impressive!


Strong chick. That is more impressive to me than the yoga freaks who can turn their knees backwards like gumby and scratch their foreheads with their toes

Wow, very impressive . . . almost like Cirque du Soile without the bad

I'm not sure I understand, that looks like 'performance' more than

She's obviously very gifted . . . in my experience many advanced yoga
people in the US have a lifetime of experience in other movement
discplines . . . ballet, gymnastics, etc.

Do they actually talk about personal trama while hand balancing?

Hate to say it, but what is the purpose of developing these skills?

Very advanced yoga divorced for it's original Hindu spiritual context
just seems like showing off.

Harry, is there anything discussed here you won't hate on? ;)

Sorry, I even feel like a jerk sometimes, but I can't help it.

When someone introduces a method of training there are a few things
that come to mind:

What atributes are being developed?

What's the application? (i.e. why bother doing this stuff?)

Is there a more sensible way to acquire these attributes?

You can get very strong and flexible without training for hours every
day. You just won't necessarily be able to do the 'pretzel dance' on

Don't get me wrong. I like the 'pretzel dance' . . . it's pretty hot.

If she just wore a thong and took this act to Vegas I'd totally put my
money down. That's really the problem with Yoga seminars . . . they
don't dress hot enough or serve cocktails.

Cool. I may be there in Feb myself. She's been on me to g check it out.