Seriously, how can you not root for the Texans?

This is a cinderella story boys and girls. First Foster misses the first couple games of the year. Then AJ goes down for significant time. Tate misses time when Foster makes it back. Then Mario is out for the year early on. Then starting FS Manning misses a few weeks after breaking his freaking LEG. Then the quarterback of this underdog team Matt Schaub goes down for the season leading the way for an underdog to take his place in Matt Leinart... now he's out for the season too!!!

Yet this team sits at the top of the AFC South at 8-3. There's a 5th round rookie gunslinger named TJ Yates poised to direct the offense. He was a gunslinger on a bad team at North Carolina, now he's got the chance to quarterback a team with lots of talent (even after all the injuries) to their first playoff berth in franchise history.

8-3 and counting... if you're not rooting for the Texans from here on out you are not a fan of the underdog in sports!!!


 I hate their uniforms.

I didn't know there was a team other than the Cowboys since the Oilers left :(

I actually do feel sorry for Leinart. He was in  a shit situation in Arizone with Warner looming over him from day one. He was always under pressure to develop faster than alot of other rookie quarterbacks. By all reports he has been great at the Texans, working his ass off and doing everything he can to be ready from day one. A shame because he is not a dickhead like alot of other qb busts, and deserved another shot.

My Pack were the underdogs last year and of course I rooted for them, won a Superbowl. I'll root for Texans to make the Superbowl so we can spank them. :)