Seriously, is that Ric Flair?

If you have ESPN+ they show one of his early matches looks nothing like him, on the Nature Boy 30 for 30,said he went from 250lbs to 190lbs after the plane crash, I’d search AWA section on the network to see if there’s any early stuff of him

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Just one match against Charlotte?

Idk for a big fat mess I feel like Conrad has done well for himself
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Sources are saying it would be Flair &FTR versus The Rock N Roll express and someone else

He has Bella Twin money but bought a Flair for all the cool memorabilia in a few years.


congrats to conrad on his first ppv

Oh shit conrad is running the show? I knew him doing an event would be inevitable

i dont know if its clear how involved hell be beyond online promotion but its a flair match happening at starrcast so draw your own conclusions


The mystery opponent is rumored to be Ricky The Dragon Steamboat

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Isnt it being advertised now as FTR (with Ric Flair) vs Rock and Roll Express (with Ricky Steamboat). The way its being listed and talked about leads me to believe ot wont be a 6 man but a tag team with Flair and Steamboat in the corners. Im sure they will gey involved and be some physicality ala the Lethal/Flair video.

Man ive never been a huge flair fan(though completely respect his work) but i am sort of tempted to consider going to this even though i live really far away. Curious how much prices will be and the size of the venue. Im sort of happy for flair. Hopefully he stays healthy

Six man tag is what I understood

Doesn’t steamboat have really bad CTE? heard he’s been acting really strange in public, arrested a few times.

NO WAY. Hope that isnt true with steamboat. Always thought he was one of the more “normal” guys in the business.

Ric Flair vs Goldberg

According to Meltz FTR still needs the Tony khan sign off