Seriously, is that Ric Flair?

Flair also has a pacemaker so nobody, especially his son in law, should be on board with Flair wrestling again.


If this is true, i’m going. OG MEAT UP? beep?

Whoa didn’t hear that.

Ricky Morton can still go, although I think he is focusing on getting his son over now.

My bet is it is Ricky Morton. They had such a red hot feud back in the day, they can run it back. PLUS, the youtube video of him giving Ricky the training bra has millions of views. That and the fact TN is Ricky’s home turf I can see it being awesome. Although Steamboat/Flair would be cool to…

But the best of all…would be RIC FLAIR VS. A MYSTERY OPPONENT…THE BLACK SCORPION…who turns out to be…STING!!!