Seriously is this guy Royler G.?

Seriously is this guy Royler Gracie?

I am like 99,9999999999% sure he is not Royler.

Now why would someone post a picture of some guy as a "visiting fighter" (in order to promote his own gym) and claim he is Royler when is obviously is not?

Someone please expain this to me.

Of course not, Bravo just thinks he is funny is all...

That's not funny at all.

That's malpractice and misguiding people to join under false pretenses.

That guy is a purple belt who also visits our school.

Is his name Royler?

People who decide to train somewhere based on a photo of a guy they have never heard of, deserve everything they get.

The World took a definite downturn when they made stupidity socially acceptable



I didn't know Chuck painted his toenails.

Maybe the guy in the photo is the guy Eddie fought at ADCC and he thought it was Royler! LOL

its kinda funny...