sermon illustration help needed

I need a short clip, five minutes or less, that illustrates:

Someone who is absolutely indispensible to the fixing of a situation arrives a bit too late and everything went wrong. Right now I have only got Gallipoli in my mind, where Mel's charactor is running to tell the troops to stop the charge and gets there too late, and everyone dies. Would like a few more clips if any of you have any ideas.

the rev

There has to be something in "Fast Times at Ridgemont Hight"! Maybe like when Spicoli orders the Pizza and Mr. Hand prevents the delivery.

That movie relates to j/ of luck with it rev.

how bout the part in Gladiator when he arrives to late to save his family

oh, that is classic slysir. That about had me in tears. Galippoli was a good one too but the dead bodies of his wife and son were too much for me.

Rev, you can use any day from my life as an example for your sermon. Pick one.

stupid reply


A sermon with such subject?

What is your intention?

Sounds like something menaceful.

mma mail to you Donna!

I used Gallipoli, I was illustrating how Mary and Martha must have felt as Jesus didn't arrive in time to heal their brother. And talked about how often we get mad at God for not doing what we want Him to do, when we want Him to do it.

The point was that God's ability to make a bad situation into a good one is mind boggling. I talked about how that one event (Gallipoli) became the identity of a nation. Then how Jesus raised Lazarus announcing the power of life and death. And then talked about how in our smaller way, the Cave, is God giving life from death, and the opportunity to see God's dream live on through us.

the rev

Humm... I got mad at God when I was very young.

Nowadays I just accept his will - relutanctly sometimes, but I accept.