Serra and BLAF have words

Any one make out what was said between Serra and BLAF after the fight? All I caught was Serra saying "No No Man!"

Was BLAF askin him whether he tapped?


" serra looked like he tried to kiss danas ring
poor guy thought dana was the pope "

The pope was in DC the other day, he could of made his way to Canada.

codpiece cladded - "Was BLAF askin him whether he tapped?"


That's what I was thinking too. I think Dana thought he tapped. Serra was pissed! 

I thought Serra was asking why they stopped it.

I think Dana was asking Serra if he felt it was stopped early, Serra was saying no

I think Dana wasn't sure about the stoppage and Serra told him he verbally tapped is my interpretation


BLAB = built like a bum

or Baldie.

Built like a baldie.

 Dana White:      "Do you want a rematch in NY when they leagalize in 2009?"

Matt Serra:     "No no way, my face hurts a lot!"

Dana White:     "Are you still tight with Joey Scram-ola?"

Serra:     "No, ,no man!"


I watched it again and it looked like Dana asked if he went out from the shots to the head before the knees.

Serra told Dana he wasn't out, then it sounded like Dana said something about how he wanted the fight stopped there, and Serra said "no man."

 The Baldfather: Will that drink GSP said he was having with you tonight be a glass of red wine?

Serra: No... no man!