Serra- Champ on a Shaky Throne

Kudo's for a nice win, but he is the most vulnerable of champions. Hughes is waiting, as is GSP for a return. And how about young guns Kos and Diego ? Better than even chance to dethrone him.

Sometimes becoming a champ makes you an all around better fighter. At least that seemed to happen in boxing. We shall see.

I happen to think that Matt's first title defense will be his last.

depends on who gets the first shot, imo. Hughes or GSP will take it from him. Kos and Diego, not so sure.

LOL at this post. Very few people though Matt stood a chance vs GSP, yet he took GSP out in impressive fashion.

Every champ in the UFC could get beaten by the top two or three guys in his class on any given night.

Stop with this shaky throne crap, every champ is on one.

We'll see in his first defense if we should believe the hype. He's aggressive, very intelligent, and loves to fight-and be around fighting. Hughes is always huge for 170 and strong. But, sometimes he's a bad tactics/strategy guy. Can't wait for the fight, go Serra

I give serra the edge against hughes standing and on the ground unless hughes lays and prays. Same with koscheck.

Diego would get tooled on the ground by serra, both of them just had their first ko's in the ufc but serra has diego beat standing also.

GSP, well gsp just lost to serra but in a rematch who knows, serra takes the fight if it goes to the ground and aparently standing its just a matter of who connects first.

serra could very well be champ for a while.