Serra vs. Menjivar

I've never seen Menjivar fight. How's this fight gonna go?

Hey Mark,

I help manage Ivan Menjivar. This fight is going to be action packed because both of these guys bring it when they come to fight. I think Matt will be the bigger fighter come fight time and has the better ground game. I think Ivan's striking and wrestling is better than Matt's. I don't want to take anything from Matt though. He does have the experience of fighting in a cage and being in a few UFC's now. Either way the fans are going to be in for a treat.

You can check out highlights of Ivan at

great matchup

Ivan is a gerat fighter and should be a great opponant for Matt. Can't wait for that fight !

I hope they show this fight on the PPV. Ivan does not fight boring fights!!

Looking foward to this fight.It will be action packed.
I pick serra to win.

This will be one of the best fights on the card.

Hopefully it will be on the PPV.

Zuffa, LISTEN to us please!!!...

Put this fight on the PPV ...

Go IVAN !!!!

Ivan is one of my fav Canadian fighters. The guys well round, action packed and an entertainer.

Best of luck Ivan.

This one better be on the PPV!!! Im more stoked for this and several other "undercards" than seeing Ken knee bar god boy again.


Best of luck Matty!

I'm not taking a chance on missing this fight. I'm flying out to Vegas to watch it LIVE!

Serra by rear naked in Rd 3.

Please please please have this fight on ppv.

Ivan by tko rd 2.

Ivan is one of my teammates and training partner, and let me tell you that he is probably one of the most talented guy i've seen so far, he's a great grappler with amazing striking skills, he's spectacular. Matt Serra will be his toughest opponent so far, no doubt.

They better put this on PPV, it will be an amazing fight.

Great fight. I hope Ivan pulls this one off, he is amazing.


"Matt Serra will be his toughest opponent so far, no doubt."


Yes, this one should be on the PPV tv card. Expect both fighters to bring it!


I agree, but now Ivan is fighting to put his name on the map, if he loses, he will probably lose his chance to stay in UFC.

Against Shaolin he had nothing to lose taking the fight on a 4 days notice.

This could be the fight of the year!!!!