Serra's right bicep?

What is up with Matts right bicep?

thnx bud

do you lose strenght after somthing like that happens?

Strenf IMO.

It looks like it could have been a torn Labrum.

Just my guess.

Yes ^

Is it from the Karo fight?

I think that's what I remember hearing.

Well it didnt seem to affect his fighting.

Nice job Serra!

serra has had that for years hasnt he?

Yeah, Matt has had that for a long time...definitely not from the Karo fight.

He tore it 2 weeks before the Dullanty fight, and still fought. Serra wins via triangle choke.

I had mine reattached, long recovery. It's important to do it as soon as possible before scar tissue forms.

I tore my pec and had it re-attached with 2 surgeries. It will never be the same, but I work through it.

i just had mine fix 4 days ago (labrum) Doc said if i didnt fix it i would lose about 20% of strength, they call it a popey muscle when the muslce rolls back!!