Serra's win makes ufc look bad..

Its kinda like the contender champ getting a shot at mayweather and pbf getting ktfo even though serra fought in the ufc before makes UFC look kinda weak any way you spin it bad for UFC/mma .

well, like you said, at least serra had been a big-league contender previously, if only a fringe one.

you ask me, it's more analogous to mike tyson getting ko'ed in tokyo by buster doglas than anything else.

except that it happened in the first round of course.

or maybe like corrie sanders koing waldimir klitschko, except that that fight wasn't for a belt.

WTF are you on about?

Serra's win was awesome for the sport, it was a fairy tale upset that people love.

this thread makes you look bad

that's exactly what Vince said

the 'mirror' makes TapUbyDribble look badd..........

serra beat penn IMO

i don't remember than fight. decision, presumably? which ufc was that?

Serra clearly beat Penn.

would never happen in boxing..imo mma is not superior sorry i mean parity is bad for individual sports to me

yeah I just read that thread and im gonna go out on a limb and say that vince knows a little more that you mudnamers though I hate wrestling

why do you hate wrestling?

and Serra's win, the story behind it, as well as the man himself...are both awesome for the sport.

why do you hate wrestling?

pro wrestling I mean ,idk even when I was small and most kids liked it I was like this is so fake that would never happen in a real fight I prefered boxing always

I like mma all im saying in a 1 on 1 sports its bad for ufc you cant deny it

and Serra's win, the story behind it, as well as the man himself...are both awesome for the sport.

^^^ how so GSP could have been the future of the sport for a long time the next UFC superstar ala Matt hughes now were going to get alot of rematches and questions kinda weak is GSP gonna be on today? Weak for older fans but great story for noobs i guess you'll get rocky balboa type match-ups for serra and it'll just be cool to watch, because you wanna say he's gonna get crushed every time..and then you start to think of the GSP fight. I dunno. I'm down with serra havin the belt. sets up some cool underdog matchups.