Server 2003 problems

I'm running an evalutation version of windows server 2003. I've installed active directory and dns but have been unable to log on with an xp pro computer.

From the server I can ping everyone on the netowrk but the cannot ping the server from any other computer. Any help would be appreciated.


can you ping it by its FQDN??

did you make a reverse lookup zone?

Did you make an account to log in?

do you have dhcp running??

lots and lots of questions

I can't ping it by its fqdn

I didn't make a reverse lookup zone so I'll try that.

I did make an account to log in on the server(ad - both user and computer), but the client can't even find the domain to join.

I do have dhcp running, but i also have it running on the router (linksys) but i assigned the server a specific ip from the router. (i also tried have it assigned automatically from the router but that didn't work either)

I hope that clarifies it some.