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Dont men are on it....

Happens every fight night.

Imagine if it was a good UFC card, it would be down for hours.

I was getting a "thread deleted or not found..." error. Sometimes I think Kirik is flipping switches just to troll us, lol.

Why do people care about two chicks fighting anyways? 


Woman UFC fights are always boring. 

Good, it isn't just me.

TryhardNobody -
HotSteppa - Good, it isn't just me.

it is just you idiot

The OG lives!

every thread I click has been deleted

A unidentified error has occurred when processing your request. An email has automatically been sent to our TOP MEN so they can research the difficulty

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Thread was not found or has been deleted.


Kirik is working men on top of hin...

I mean, Kirik is having his top men work on it.....

Top men too busy with the bottom men. App has fucking aids. More Aids than a gheys butthole.