Set the trap...

Set a couple mouse traps through out my home about a hour ago. I've got one of the little bastards shortly after placing, and planning my ambush.

Sitting out in my garage now...

Watching... Waiting...

No mouse is safe. There is no mercy in this dojo. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds like you're full Col. Kurtz on mouse warfare.

Ever thought of getting a cat or a terrier?

Godspeed, young hunter.

We had mice in the garage this winter. The first couple nights were the best. I'd set the traps at 7 pm or so. At around 10 when the house has been quiet for a while, I'd be on the couch watching tv and hear "snap"

Got a few the first night, a few the second, but then only here and there after the first couple nights. For a week or two, when my 4 yr old woke up in the mornings, the first thing he would do was go in the garage and check the traps. It was fun. Phone Post 3.0