Seth gets a sex change...(pic)

He now has a vagina!

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And shame on any one clicking this link when titled "Sex change and pic"!


Wait.... what?   Uhhhhhh, how did I get in this thread? 

*Tip toes out hoping to go unnoticed* 

I was wondering where he was...

John its from the motorcycle/ jet ski crash last weekend.

Ben, I think i sent you an email that was meant for someone else, sorry :(

hatchet wound

"John its from the motorcycle/ jet ski crash last weekend."

How does one get in a motorcycle/ jet ski crash?

Mike you did but it's all good.  I just deleted it.

When you can though, send me more info about the seminar so I can get all the correct info out to my guys.

awww how nice mike now you and seth dont have to feel weired with each other at night. haha jk hows things in florida sorry im not going to be able to make it down for your birthday .i know turnin 30 is a big deal ....

Go to hell Cagefighte!

Just kidding, thanks man, its cool.  Its not like I will miss your touch on Friday night anyway.

i know you were looking forward to crippling me again haha

30 ? Old fart.

How long will that take to heal ??? How long before he can spar/contact ??? I have same type of cut and got stitches then waited a week and opened it up again...this is becoming a pain in the ass...

Seth didn't have a vagina before?

....i could have sworn

and Mike Lee, wtf happened Friday night? I was waiting for you guys at the Grand Bohemian and you heathens left me high and dry (martini).

Damn, We went to Wine Room. I thought we were going to GB too but didnt know you were there. 

holy sh*t Mike is 30 hahahahhahah

damn I am so old! I remember when you guys were little pups. Just don't send me away from the tribe like they do on Meerkat Manor!

Seth, I told you we could get that op done in Thailand for real cheap!lol


Ross, I don't think I could drink legally when I met you.  I really felt old for that last fight of mine.  Seeing myself on a poster for the 1st time in a while and realizing Im not a pretty, thick hair and tan boy any more stung a bit, lol. If you feal like a road trip, Scott myself and some of Florida's finest MMAers will be getting very intoxicated in Sarasota tomorrow night :)

I would love to but that is way past my bedtime!
Thanks for the invite but you know how someone is going to jail when Scott parties!LOL!!!!!!!
Anyway wish you the best for your birthday dude.