Seth Petruzelli back in the UFC (?)

Seth vs Kimbo 2 in the UFC?

 Seth said in another thread today that the UFC is looking for a fight for him... 

Oh it was the thread he started his response to kimbo

YouAreNex - wow UFC going out and getting top HW free agents
and Seth Petruzelli.


RickStorm -  Seth said in another thread today that the UFC is looking for a fight for him... 

Oh it was the thread he started his response to kimbo

Saw it after I made this thread. My bad.

The guy is a loser and doesn't take shit serious..

I'm surprised they didn't pick him to be in the house for this season of TUF.

i dont think the house would be thrilled with a gay dude there or a portrayal of one

ArtV -  I love how these nobody fighters have made money and got attention only because of Kimbo's popularity.Sean Gannon got to fight in the UFC only because of the Kimbo thing and got his ass beat.  Then he is on the OG talking about his "fans"

Kimbo is an international celeb and now a millionaire, Seth and Gannon are dust in the wind.

Funny how in a sport you love so much you understand nothing about the business.

And Kimbo got in because he was built a name in internet street fights and fighting cans for the scrub organization that went under. I'm guessing the better business model would have been to create a pro-wrestling like persona and have all your boys video tape you bare knuckle brawling in the backyard instead?

Seth. Stop taking gay pictures of yourself, change your name to something cool like Kimbo Slice (Kevin Ferguson just comes off kinda weak in the street fighting business I guess)  and start beating up people in your backyard. Sure fire way to the top, regardless if you get beat by a replacement (oh the ironing).

ArtV -  Someone is really upset here.

Yeah, Seth is a better fighter, but Kimbo is an international star and millionaire.  Seth is only getting attention because of Kimbo's big name.

Again, you are an MMA fanboy so you don't get it.

Not upset at all Art, just trying to better understand the business. I mean guess I understand the business in the fact that Kimbo is obviously more popular, dude is on Nickelodeon! But I guess if I was a fighter who tried working up the ranks of local shows, and regionals, and then ended up knocking out the big internet sensation and HE still got the press, money, fame etc. I would want to get in on it, I mean, I'm the guy who beat him.

But I'm an MMA fanboy of course. I'd probably know much more about it if I spent close to the last 10 years on an internet forum. Guess that whole life thing got in the way. 


LOL, the UFC must be really desperate to limit Strikeforce's roster options if they're going to sign anybody with any sort of infamy.