Seth Petruzelli Gay ? link to web site

Ok I didint belive my friend who has no life and googles all day so he googled Seth Petruzelli and I guess the dude is flaming gay link



thats what i thought to

he has a wife


I already thought he was gay by the way he acted on TUF. Remember when he was running around trying to pull everybodys pants down and grab their man boobs.

In the words of Crazy Larry from Layer Cake: Fucking females is for poofs.


No way. Everybody knows married guys are never gay.

He should come out even if not true. Would make him more marketable.

wow, the kimbo nuthuggers just got REALLY fuckin desperate

welcome to the sport of MMA

 The best guy is the one that claims goldust was openly gay before seth, but was never a champion.

"He should come out even if not true. Would make him more marketable. "


topshelf75 - He's married dumbass.

so kissing dudes is not gay your the dumbass and just to let you know Im not a Kimbo fan thats why I didint want to belive this shit

first of would matter if he was gay because...?

He's comfortable with his sexuality and doesn't mind acting goofy.

There's less of a chance of him actually being homo than most of the homophobes that frequent this board or MMA events.

And to the person who stated sarcastically that "Married men are never gay"

Using marriage as a COVER whilst at the same time goofing around like he does would make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

"comfortable with his sexuality" translation:

It doesn't pinch nearly as much as it did the first time.