seth rollins ex fiancee


Zahra Schreiber btw

I forget, whos Seth Rollins? Phone Post 3.0

The Sultan - I forget, whos Seth Rollins? Phone Post 3.0
Pro Wrestler. Phone Post 3.0

I'd fuck him. Phone Post 3.0

shootfightermike -

Fuck yes! Phone Post 3.0

I thought Zahra was just a girl he knows and Leighla is the fiancé. Phone Post 3.0

That's not the ex-fiancee. That's the developmental wrestler who was his sidepiece.

This is his ex-fiancee:

Gross Phone Post 3.0

Sonester Sambo - Could you honesty have a normal healthy mature trusting relationship with a woman that tatted and possibly surgically enhanced? Phone Post 3.0

i wonder this as well..a woman that hot and all over the place, it would be tough..

imagine at 60 yrs old

She looks like the worlds biggest attention whore Phone Post 3.0

I can't get over chest plate tattoo's on women. Looks terrible imo

. Phone Post 3.0