Setting up triangle choke?

It's the one thing I never get. I know even when he has one hand slightly behind the other I can force his hand back and hold his other arm. Any other set-ups (gi or no-gi) for the triangle that work well for you??? How about key technical points of the triangle? Maybe I'm missing something...

Easiest for me is to open my guard, and place one foot on the (example:right) hip and one on the (left) shoulder or bicep. Control both arms initially, then quickly grab the right arm with both hands and pull him in, bringing the foot that was in the bicep or shoulder over the back of the neck. This method is my most successful one. Just requires a little speed and strength.

I reach up and grab a foot and pull it forward like I am going for a gogo plata. I then lay on my side and use my elbow to push their elbow back creating space for me to bring my leg up through the space created. Flexibility helps.

One that I use a lot I got from Baret Yoshida's tape: Overhook one of his arms and bring him in tight. When he goes to start to fight out of it, shove his other hand down between your legs. Shoot your leg up over that shoulder and lock in your triangle as you release the overhook and bring the arm across.



ClinchandHit, I've tried that set-up, NEVER works for me. What are some of the technical details that can go wrong? He always raises his head the second I release pressure to pull his arm across...

if you've got a good grip, grab his wrists, and pull them towards your head, when he pulls back, push on arm as explosively as you can to his chest, then get that leg on his shoulder before he can bring it back forward, keep pulling on the other arm and triangle.

Keoni Koch,

Could you describe your tech. again using a little more detail (like with my right, I grab my right foot, etc). I am at a total loss as to what you are saying. Thanks!

I used to have trouble getting his arm across, even pulling it with both hands. My instructor showed me how to shift my whole body past his elbow on the trapped arm side and then shift back with the arm already trapped. This has really helped me land a lot of triangles; so, I thought I'd pass it along.

Here is one that is good in mma and is similar to the 'rubber guard'.

Block his right shoulder with your forearm and shrimp back and to the right. Insert your left knee blocking his shoulder. Put your right calf across the back of his neck like you were doing an armbar and grab your right ankle with your left hand. This is called the vale tudo guard in the Fighter's Notebook.

Your right leg is keeping his head down and your left shin is blocking his right arm from punching. Your right arm can block his left arm from punching at the bicep and is free to punch him.

If the punches drive him in desperation to start flailing away with the arm that's being blocked by your knee, you can easily put that leg over his shoulder and triangle. Likewise if he underhooks that leg to try to pass. You have the option to omoplata or elbow press his left arm(the one not blocked by your knee).

If you want to force the triangle from the vale tudo guard, you can grab your shin with your right hand instead of your left hand. You grab his right wrist with your left hand and force it back as you slide your left leg over his shoulder and triangle. It's important to keep his head down the whole time.

This is identical to the rubber guard setup that was posted a while back except that you start with your knee in his shoulder and you grab your shin instead of hooking it with your forearm.

Thanks Andrew, I might have to ask you to show me that one when I see you again, alot of details to visualize. You be back at Ricardo's soon???

Actually, I dislocated my finger AGAIN, and I can't train for a month, which happens to be the month I was in the area. Possibly back for summer. Give this a gander, it's a simple but good set up.

"Could you describe your tech. again using a little more detail (like with my right, I grab my right foot, etc). I am at a total loss as to what you are saying. Thanks! "

I will try. So I have one overhook lets say with the right arm, and I am keeping him very tight. I turn a bit to my right and underhook under my own right knee which allows me to keep his shoulder locked tight to me (picture the crook of my right elbow, and the crook of my right knee locked together). Now from hear I usually transition to an Oma Plata or Gogo Plata. Now I turn right (to say go for an oma plata) Now many people go for the triangle by throwing their leg over the arm, I many times do it in this way going under the arm as when I turn to the right it created just enough room for me to sneak my left knee under right arm and around his neck. The whole time I never let go of the right underhook I have on my own knee, this keeps him close. If the triangle does not work, I am perfect position for an oma plata. I use this all the time and it pissed people off because unless they try and stall it is eventually hard to not get caught.

1groovyunit, sorry for the long delay. I would say that a key to making this one work is keeping pressure on the overhook and on his head until you can get your body to the other side. Get your fig.4 established as much as possible, then quickly switch to pulling on his head from the overhook. As you said, he will normally be trying to fight to get his head up, and his arm will come up with it. Let him get it up just enough to switch it across his body, then clamp down and finish your triangle. If he doesn't rise up and just keeps his arm at your side, try switching to omaplata. I'm still working on "perfecting" this as well, but I have gotten it to work enough that I think it's a good one.

Oh, a variation that helps if you can pull it off. Let's say you've got his right arm overhooked with your left. Control his head with your right hand. If he starts to use his left hand to try to free himself or post on you, grab it with your right hand. Feed his left wrist to your left hand. Now you have both of his arms trapped, go back to controlling his head with your right hand. Now shoot your right leg up over his shoulder and go for the triangle. Try it and see what you think...



one way i seem to always get it is usually when im in the fetal position and the opponent is right in front of my face... all i do is a foward roll and land automatically in the triangle hold, all i have to do is pass his arm across his throat. i always bait people like that and it always seems to work for me.

ttt. good thread.