Settle It Backyard MMA Style HooHooHoosiers

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One Indiana community is asking people to settle their disputes inside the MMA cage instead on in the streets.

In the town of LaPorte, Ind., a group of people are putting on backyard fights in the hopes that it will release people of their aggression. FightFlix, a backyard boxing and MMA organization, is about to enter its second year. The group was started in honor of Tyler Terusiak, a local man who was killed by a stray bullet. His friend Brian Gifford started FightFlix as a way to use MMA instead of gun violence.

“Put down the guns and pick up the gloves, because no one else should have to suffer through the same thing as LaPorte community did,” Gifford told Local 12 news. “So, there would be no FightFlix if it wasn’t for Tyler.”

The creation of this organization has helped those who are participating in it. They feel that the fighting gives them an outlet for their feelings instead of taking them to the streets and fighting in unsafe environments.

“It’s a coping mechanism for a lot of people, myself being one of them,” said Jonathan Fasano, FightFlix MMA champion. “I feel like I just took 1,000 bricks off my shoulders after that.”

The fighters who participate at FightFlix do wear boxing gloves. There is no payment to fighters, and it is free to attend the events. FightFlix is planning to hold events in LaPorte once every couple of weeks throughout the summer. The next event will be happening in May.

Great idea. Hopefully nobody brings a gun to the fights.


Uuummmm. ScarFace from Street Beefs called…he wants his idea back>



Ummmm Scarface Doesnt Own Backyard Fights if we are being Technical Scarface is a Knock off of Kimbo Slice its embarrassing how people think street beefs is this Huge thing when in Reality Kimbo Slice Created a UNIVERSE for Backyard FightClubs and i bet you many others had the idea before scarface but they just arent as famous.

Anyone can do backyarr Fightclub for a cause its NOBODIES idea hes just another one in line behind Kimbo Slice people really need to know who was it before Streetqueefs.


Was about to post pretty much the same thing.

Kimbo Slice (and others) did this years before all these current tards on youtube.

There have always been backyard or underground fighting organizations… but to specify that the intent is to curb gun violence by allowing people with beefs to settle them before things escalate is most certainly Streetbeefs.

That being said… I don’t think the idea alone is something that could be protected, but it would be dishonest for someone to know the origins of Streetbeefs and pretend that this was not born from that.

If you just want to say “I don’t like Streetbeefs” you can just say that without making the weird, intellectually dishonest distinction of “kImBo WuZ fIrSt.” He most certainly was not the first; he was maybe the most famous. The premise and purpose of his fights were also far removed from the original premise of Streetbeefs.

I was just about to post this same thought. You articulated much better than I would have in your paragraph.

And the funny thing is @Proleaugefighting just made an account yesterday to respond to this thread. hhhhmmm…I wonder if he is the promoter from LaPorte, Indiana???

Liar Lying GIF by Australian Survivor

Lol good catch.

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Felony Fights started it all

The difference with Street Beefs and the others like Kimbo and Felony Fights is…ScarFace specifies “put the guns down and knuckle up”.

TBH…I’m not sure if that was Kimbo’s motto but I don’t recall that being the emphasis. And by all accounts, Scarface is a pretty good due. (And NO, I do not know him personally.)

Yeah nobody ever had the idea of handling shit without weapons before, ever

Masvidal / Slice

Gannon The Cannon

Well since you are in the know…show me some Backyard MMA leagues prior to Street Beefs, ya goof.