Several of the best prospects in the UFC and future potential GOAT's fighting this weekend (card for hardcores)

Umar Nurmagomedov (14-0) vs Maness (14-1)
Arman (18-2) vs Gamrot (20-1) (LW, both better than Charles Oliveira)
Shavkat (15-0) vs Magny (26-8)

For those in the know (most of the filthy casual UG are not), this is one of the best cards of the year


This is a great card, I am excited to see Rakhmonov, I believe he is the real deal.


Nicer card indeed. Thanks for mentioning it. I had zero clue ha ha

'member when UFC was on Fox and everybody would’ve heard of these guys and been excited? Hell, Spike TV, anyone?

Jack this thread sucks. We need another diss thread.

I ran everyone off with the last one

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I like shavkat.