Severn/Shamrock 3

Many of you may not like this, but I really would like to see it. I hear Meyorwitz wants to do something like a "master's division" in his new promotion. He should make it happen.

I'd like to see this. You guys shouldn't worry about it being a borefest like Ken/ Severn 2. Shamrock is a different fighter now, older, but much more exciting than when he was younger.. He hasn't been in one boring fight since his return to MMA win or lose.also after their last fight, I'm sure they would both have all that criticsm in mind and make up for it w/ a good brawl. Expect to see shamrock sprawl and brawl on Severn.

Shamrock may be too old or beat up for Tito, but against guys like Kimo or Severn he'll look good out there IMO.

I think a masters division is a fantastic idea. Many of the older fighters still have much to offer in the way of PPV buys, but may not necessarily be able to hang with the younger fighters. This would be a great division for guys like Shamrock, Gracie, Frye, Severn, Bas, Frye, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Kamala, etc.