Just wanted to let you know that one of the featured fights at October 30th's UGC at the Medley will feature Dustin Severs from St.Louis facing off against Yves Jabouin.

Severs was supposed to fight JF Bolduc at the APEX show, but will be making his Canadian debut in UGC instead. Severs is the main training partner for Steve Berger and their styles are very similar. Berger will be back in town as well, hopefully celebrating his win over Keith Wisniewski this weekend in Chicago.

Severs is 3-0 as an amateur, and despite ending all fights by submission, look for this fight to stay standing as Severs likes to bang and so does Jabouin. Jabouin is coming off a broken hand, so has been itching to get back to the ring from what I've heard.

This will definately be one of the fights of the night.

Holy SMOKES...this is going to be pure fireworks. Someone's going to be forced to nap during this fight.


cool , i always enjoy watching jabouin


Where's the info on the UGC card/venue/times/etc?

Here is the info I have. I apologize if its not 100% accurate:

UGC IX: Saturday October 30 at 19h30

Medley, 1170 St-Denis (corner Rene Levesque)

Fight Card:

Wendy Kernizan 220Llbs VS Stephen Hazelton 220Lbs

Kevin Duquette 147.9Lbs Vs Richard Ho 147.9Lbs

Ryan Gabourie 170Lbs Vs Steve Legeault

Alexandre Héroux 205Lbs VS Aimé Henripin 205Lbs

Chester Post 205Lbs VS Shawn Rusell 205Lbs

Cory Macdonald 170Lbs VS Eric Beaulieu 170Lbs

Greg Compton 145Lbs VS Sylvain Cloutier

Lucian Bute 172 Lbs Vs Willard Lewis 172Lbs

Fritz Paul 185Lbs VS Scott Elliott 185Lbs Champ

Yves Jabouin 155Lbs VS Dustin Severs 155Lbs CHAMP

Ricardeau Francois 205Lbs CHAMP VS Michael Marshalleck

I wouldn't mind checking this show out...Cory MacDonald RULES!!!

This is going to be a good show. There are 5 guys from Team Gladiator fighting. Look for explosive fights from Cory MacDonald and Greg Compton.

Go team Gladiator!

Wow Rob, Cory's down to 170? Cool, and all the best
to the fighters from Gladiator.

Good luck Compton

For all you boxing fans, this guy Lucien Bute is supposedly a big up and comer from Quebec who is with the Interboxe group. He's 6-0 with 6 KOs and supposedly for real. From what I heard, he might be worth the price of admission.

News Flash

Greg Compton is not fighting Sylvain Cloutier. He pulled out last night as he supposedly has a twisted ankle, this is 2nd opponent in 10 days to pull out.

Now Im fighting the winner of a fight between Richard Ho and Kevin Duquette. Its a 3 man tournament thing at 147pounds not 145. This has been the most stressfull day of my life. This headache is not worth the amount we are getting paid, Im going on vacation after this fight geesh!! Brazil here I come baby!!

Thanks everyone for their support

Look for explosive victories from Corey Macdonald and a big upset in the Fritz Paul vs. Scott Elliot fight

ttyl, Greg Compton

Good luck Greg !

Team Gladiator are coming home with some belts. Cant wait to see some of that hardware on wednesday guys. Good luck Ryan, Cory, Scott, Mike and Greg. Rob your a hell of a teacher, and we can only get better from here. And its nice to see more students going. Time to own Montréal.