Just wanted to make a short announcement that MMA fighter Dustin Severs won his pro boxing debut on Thursday. Dustin won an unanimous decision in which, by all accounts, he dominated for all four rounds.

Severs fights out of St-Louis, Missouri and is one of the main training partners of Steve Berger. He is 1-1 as a pro MMA fighter and a 4-0 record as an amateur MMA fighter.

Congrats Dustin.



congrats to my buddy dustin. keep paying your dues my friend. you are gonna do well.

Outstanding news!

Crap I read it wrong and thought it said Severn wins Pro Boxing Debut. LOL

Big congrats to Dustin. He should be making waves in NHB in the near future. Well rounded with sick leglocks.

Dustin will definately be making waves in NHB. I train at the same school he does and he's got alot of talent... and yes he's got some mean ass leg locks! He catches me in em alot.

ttt for Dustin