Sex after marriage?

Any of you wait until marriage and if so, how did your marriage turn out?

I didn’t know we were supposed to wait…


My friend told me to never marry a virgin because she has proven she can go a long time without sex


You should never marry a virgin obviously, but it’s a good idea to marry a girl who was a virgin when you first met her.


i’ve had my share of virgins. no thanks.

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Is it better to marry a woman who has sex on her mind all the time? If she does, she’s a lot more likely to cheat on you.

All women are sluts, you fools.

You have been lied to, by a lot of women


See… you’re a man who’s dated and or slept with too many promiscuous women and it’s ruined women for you. I feel your pain brother. You are wrong though.


Funny. I’ve slept with over 200 women and never had a virgin

Bullshit on both…

they were all (3) HS girls (when i was in HS). no fucking thanks.

My wife was a virgin when we got married. I wasn’t but it was important to her so we waited. That isn’t to say we didn’t do other things, there is after all a lot between kissing and sex and we explored it all.

Almost 12 years later and we’re still married… Very happily.


Why not? You get to train em…

You should fuck every virgin you can of course… I’m just saying don’t marry a virgin. You need to have sex with her before you marry her. It’s essential to know if you’re sexually compatible.

I can believe this if those 200+ were post highschool, it’s so rare to encounter a virgin after highschool.

Sexual exploration is, sex isn’t…

Some vaginas just don’t feel great, sometimes it just doesn’t fit right or the moisture content isn’t right, the tightness isn’t right, I don’t know what it is always but sometimes it just doesn’t feel good, that’s more or less what I mean when I say compatible. You can always train behaviours you’re right but you can’t change the vagina.

LOL im 47
stayed in decent shape all my life and god blessed me with good hair
Never married / no kids
even if you only banged a new girl every 2 months from 14 to 47 its 200

but being single in toronto with a good job and online dating… you can bang as many young hot girls as your resources will allow

I don’t buy them dinners but did take them for a couple glasses of wine at a nice resto bar. sometimes it involved a couple bumps of blow but 90% of the time it was a couple drinks only

I’m no longer on the market… but if I ever am… I’m not worried lol

about 95% yes
i have a handful of seconds but no V cards