Sexiest Music Video Ever. Tribute to the hotness

Nobody picked the one with a topless Emily Ratachacowski (spelling?)


Bryan Callen banged her in her prime. That is his best role to date.

I never saw it as a youth, but now I get it.

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Well they were the top models of their day


This WAS hot


Couldn’t find a better video quality version of this…


The video isn’t that great, but Shakira’s song “La Tortura” (especially the all Spanish version) is as close to musical sex as you can get.

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I like this one:


Those chicks arent even close to the level of attractiveness as the top vid.

Not remotely.

My entry…although musically I like the original version better (includes lots of Anime)

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“This pussy tastes like pepsi cola”

Are most of her lyrics this overtly sexual? I’ve really never paid attention to her… until now!!!

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Not all but quite a bit. I find her sexy as hell.

lana del rey honeymoon GIF


She’s pretty fat now.

Sad Peanut Butter GIF by For Everest

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There is one I was going to post but after watching it I was worried it might be too much and could get flagged. I know this thread is marked “NSFW” but despite being an official video, it’s one of those official music videos that would have only had wide release in Europe where they’re not as puritanical about nudity or sex (There’s full nudity in it as well as sex acts like a guy getting a BJ depicted).

In the meantime here’s a really tame video and a catchy tune :wink:

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some good ones so far

I think this one beats them all…