Sexist stoppage! WTF???

So... my wife who dont watch our beloved sport of MMA as much as I would like right!... but she watched this one cause of Honda, and, her name is Sarah too. So she watches the fights and says "OK SO WHY DIDNT THAT SAME REFERE WITH THE HAIR STOP THAT FIGHT WITH THAT T.J. GUY WHEN HE WAS GETTING HIS HEAD BASHED IN WITH ELBOWS, BUT SARAH GETS HIT IN THE STOMACH AND ITS OVER? IS IT CAUSE SHE IS A GIRL?!?!?!"

What do I say to that UG? Phone Post 3.0

I think your wife is a little on edge since Deshaun was nearby. Phone Post 3.0

Knee her in the liver. She will understand.

No need to actually abuse her tho, just so she learns. Phone Post 3.0