SF big tech cucks/excuses feral "marginalized" teen attacker


Guaranteed these people would let another man fuck their girlfriends/wives, if they could get one and hold onto one.

Read the equally cucked replies to get more laughs at these fucking retarded, white-guilt, “progressive” faggots.

Link to cuckfag’s twitter: https://twitter.com/rauchg/status/1379227568574853120


These people are literally sick. Their brains are malfunctioning, or disease-ridden. No thinking, sane and healthy person thinks like that. I fear there is no cure and simply hope they all die. They bring zero good to the world, only more harm and degredation.



Might as well put a sign on your back that says “ROB ME”.

I say let them have each other. We should consolidate these excuse making victims in to one place (California) along with these poor “marginalized youths” that create nearly 60% of the violent crime in our country and let them have at it. Then the rest of us civilized people wouldn’t be disgusted when more “marginalized youth” are given a slap on the wrist for murdering productive members of society since the murder victims would probably apologize for being too white if they were still alive to do so.

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