SF Semi-Finals in Cincy - Ticket Info

Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix Semi-Finals will be at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati on Saturday, September 10. Tickets on sale this week.

UFC Fight Club - Thursday, July 28th at 10 am to Noon et

UFC/SF Newsletter - Thursday, July 28th at Noon to 11 pm et

Public - Friday, July 29th at Noon et

Ticket prices are $35, $75, $125 and $200.

Edited with correct pre-sale days.


Fight Club and Newsletter tomorrow!

Newsletter in one hour. Password is OHIO.

I would love to go, but I'm taking my son to Disney World on the 15th of September. I just can't spend anymore money now because I'm thinking I'm gonna get hosed by Mickey Mouse and Company. Anyone ever been to Disney? Is my assumption correct? I'm thinking that our flights from Cincinnati and our vacation is gonna cost me some serious coin.

Now saucylv33, I know you're in tight with Zuffa. Maybe you can get me the hookup from Uncle Dana and the rest of the Fab Five(Frank, Lorenzo, Scott Coker, Sean). I spent enough on the UFC Live on Versus 4 tickets, so maybe they'll comp me 2 tickets.

Tickets are a low $35 and those aren't nose bleeds.


hey saucylv33, I went to look at ordering tickets, but I guess they won't be available again until Friday morning. Any idea how sales are doing? Are there any meet and greets planned?


Great prices. Bring SF back to San Diego!!

anyone going?

Where are all the Ohio people at? Plenty of $35 tickets still available.

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