SFA fight June 7 in tuscaloosa

The 8th SOUTHERN FIGHTING ALLIANCE card will be June 7, back in Tuscaloosa. Come be part of it!

I'm booking now. All title belts will be on the line: Light, Welter, Middle, LtHeavy, and Heavy... Plus a stacked undercard. Fighters, hit me up!

Also, I'd like to have a grappling tournament during the day. Anyone want to help run that for me??? And competitors wanted, obviously.

"Innovators, not IMITATORS!"

Sorry about catching you in the middle of a date last night. You are probably the only guy I know who can get away with watching TUF on a date. I would have my face slapped for trying to even watch it while Tina is at home. That chick is a keeper.


"That chick is a keeper"


Hey, Tom! whoever's healthy after April 19th in Dothan I'm going to try to get up to your show. I've always heard alot of good things about your show and, dammit, I'm bringing somebody!!

Thanks, countrypimp!

I've said this before: in Alabama, with no commission, fighters are dependent on the integrity of the promoter...

Without tooting my horn too much, I have tried to do everything I can to make my shows enjoyable for the fighters. Hotels, travel pay, photos, dvds, etc.

As a pro wrestler, I was screwed over many, many times by promoters. I swore I would never do that when I was in charge! Because it really sucks...

Anyway, thanks for the kind words. I'm always looking for quality fighters (amateur!) to put in my show, from experienced to newbies. Just let me know!

Tom Stedham, owner
"Innovators, not IMITATORS!"

spell check your signature Tommy Boy.

Hey Tom,
call me about your grapping tourney!


OMG! Freddie, did you just call me out on SPELLING???? Hey, I may not be too good at bjj, but my spelling is black belt level...

I'm the Hoyce Gracie of spelling!!! I'm the Rorion Gracie of spelling... I'm 400-0!

That's it: June 7, Tuscaloosa. A public spelling bee between Freddie of Gorilla Grappling, and Tom "the Spelling Man" Stedham... You're going down, Freddie!!!

Now, the big issue: who the heck is qualified to be a judge???

LOL. I was kidding bro. Even black belts get caught every now and then. Shuttlesworth can ref a grappling match dude. Duh.

I would volunteer, but I will be in Texas until September staring in June. Good luck on the show!

Okay, everybody knows I was making a joke about a JUDGE FOR THE SPELLING BEE, right????

i before e except after c. And in neither. And various other words that break the rules. Rebels.

I can judge the spelling bee. I got a mean dictionary.

Okay, you're out for using "got" when you meant "have"... I know, it's a spelling bee, not a grammar contest, but still. A man's gotta have standards!

Wait! I meant "must have".. yeah, A man must have standards. Hmmm.. Now I sound like a fag. I give up... Back to fightin'!!!