SFA Tuscaloosa show June 7

It's almost time for the SOUTHERN FIGHTING ALLIANCE to host their next awesome fight card...

Saturday, June 7 @ 7 pm... In the historic Jaycees Park building in Tuscaloosa. Tix are $20. We moved! But it's still me, my square cage, my HOT cage girls, and my always-fantastic fights.

We almost had a DOUBLE KNOCKDOWN in the first freakin' fight on the last show... That would have been so cool..

Main event: 205 title defense. Champ Lance "Tha Truth" Whyte vs Auburn's Phillip Bohannon (6-1).

Also: Welterweight champ Matt Smart vs Auburn's Pat Freed.

Also on the card AL UGer Pat Freed... And 5 fighters from RageMMA, Gainesville, GA. 8 Auburn fighters (Team Nutrition First); 4 Team Sturgis, 2 Team Havoc (B'ham), and plenty more. At least a dozen fights. And, you know, midgets...

Plus I will be announcing my next movie: CITY OF RED. Starring ME, of course. Filming starts in June. Busy month for me! (Plus the three other Alabama MMA shows I'm doing... Yep, we're growing. Wait for the announcement, kids!)

And there's a free car show outside from 2-6 pm, if you're into that sort of thing.. I had a lot of fun at the last car show!

Come see the SFA in our EIGHTH FIGHT CARD!!! We are here, we are strong, and we ain't going anywhere... So, there.

Tom Stedham, owner

OKAY! I'm sorry. I'm a professional writer and I got his name wrong... Man, I'm embarrassed!

I have Auburn's Pat FREED on the card, and of course, famed AL UGer Patrick FREEMAN... In my haste to hype... Well, this stuff happens. But I'm gonna do 100 dumbbell lunges while chanting "Patrick FREEMAN" to punish myself...

It is leg day, so why not?

Anyway, this will be a fantastic fight card, in a building, in front of lots of paying fans. Come enjoy the show.

This Saturday, 7 pm at the Jaycees Park building. Call World gym til 6 ppm for $20 tix.

Watch that UFC ppv then drive your a** to Tuscaloosa and watch the fighters from Auburn, Birmingham, Huntsville and Gainesville, GA slug it out...

Lance Whyte vs Phillip Bohannon for the 205 belt.


Dag yo! Looks like their may be an excuse after all Lane. Whyte got KTFO! Keep your hands up and your chin down.

damn. White v. Davis will never happen. Hey lane! Try to lock them up for the next show, or even Dothan in Aug!!

lol@ that flying knee.

full results from t-town?

DAMN IT WAS HOT!!! Full results:

Kyle York (Jasper) vs Jimbo Roberson (Meridian) - Jimbo.

Mike Fyrberg (Pelham) vs David Smallwood (RageMMA, Gainesville - Fyrberg.

Rasean Carter (Sturgis) vs Braxton Smith (Jasper) - decision to Smith.

Jude Hackett (Auburn) vs Anthony Middlebrooks (Tuscaloosa) -Hackett.

Justin Stricklin (Fayette) vs Mark Limbaugh (Pell City) - Stricklin.

(Midget video is on the SFA myspace page... you know you want to see it! www.myspace.com/southernfighting)

Pat Freed (Auburn) vs 170 champ Matt Smart (Sturgis) - new champ FREED.

Phillip Bohannon (Auburn) vs 205 champ Lance Whyte (Sturgis) - new champ BOHANNON.