SFC Larsen

First of all congrats for the job well done in combatives.

Not too long ago I finished the Combatives Level 1 Course.

After studying BJJ for the past 6 years I felt it was going to be easy, but once again Army has proven me wrong.

By the 3rd. day about 95% of the class was suffering from tendonitis in their arms. Eventhough I was using only 50 percent of my strenght (most of it was leverage) I too got tendonitis.

Somewhat I was dissapointed to find out that, The Army way of doing the techniques was very rough and lacking of leverage in most of its parts.

Question is, I have been trying to get the instructor shirts but the sites on the disk do not mention anything about them... how can I get the instructor shirts??

Im looking forward to take level 2 ASAP!!!

Thank you for your time.

CPT Rodriguez

Send me an note at president@moderncombatives.org

SFC LARSEN...I need help on attending your classes..Im new to the Battalion ..just getting here from Germany and was wondering how I can get the Battery on my side and allowing me to go to these classes...HELP