SFL event this Sunday, June 10th

The next submission Fight League : Championship 2007 (step 5 out of 10) will take place on Sunday, June 10th. If you didn't subscribe yet to the championship, you still can registrer because you only have to fight 5 times until the end of the championship (next December) to have the chance to win a prize. This event will be the last before the 10 weeks summer break. The step VI of the championship will be held on August 6th.

You wanna fight in Submission Fight League for the 1st time? There is no charge for your first appearance. If you want your fight to count for the 2007 Championship, you have to registrer before Sunday.

SFL Championship 2007

Date : Sunday, June 10th
Time : 12h00 pm (12h30 supporters)
Where : Cégep du Vieux-Montréal (room C4.01)
255 Ontario st. East, corner Sanguinet (near Berri-UQAM station)
Championship fee (fur all year) 40.00$ or 25.00$ to fight in non-championship bouts
- Supporters fee (each event) : 7.00$

Rules of Championship 2007 : http://www.submissionfight.com/championship_sfl_2007.htm

SFL 3rd anniversary is Wednesday, June 6th!

From the beginning, SFL presented more than 350 grappling matches featuring over 180 fighters. SFL want to thanks all its supporters.

The Submission Fight League website is now online for its third year on August 8th. This date was choosen to put online the new Website.

Here are the result of the May 27th event :

Christian Lebeau-Jacob vs Aurelien Pagnard (2-0)
Érick Philippeaux vs Ricardo Raphaël (2-0)
Bertrand Bélair vs Shawn Armorer (1-0)
Sithysak Tiger Son vs David Kornechook (1-0)
Éric Phaneuf vs Dominic Turgeon (1-0)
Aimé Henripin vs Benoît Guionnet (1-0)
Johnny Zemouli vs François Haché-Lacombe (1-0)
Jean-François Royer vs Éric Phaneuf (3-0)
Patricio Canales vs Benoît Guionnet (1-0)
Cédrick Desgagné vs Jacques Alex Bélizaire (points 1-0)
François Haché-Lacombe vs Dominic Turgeon (1-0) (non-championship bout)

Here is the current ranking after 4 event (only the five best score of each fighter will be considered):


To get more informations, please contact Stéphane Larocque at info@submissionfight.com