SFPD to authorize robots for lethal force

Yea, he likes Pink Floyd

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Any predictions on when the first ghetto lottery with hit?

If you like fighter pilots,I watched this video yesterday with pilot, Aimee ‘Rebel’ Fiedler.

This really shows you what goes on from climbing in the jet, to start up, flying, and ending. The video is facing her in the cockpit, so you see every action. Really interesting. In addition, this chick looks cool as hell and cute.

It is such an interesting take, that the video deserves it own thread.


Hell yeah! I keep seeing this come up on my YouTube, I’ll check it out! It would be a dream to fly a Viper.

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And so it begins…

This is one of the most intense F-16 cockpit videos I’ve watched.

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One of my dreams, but I’m colorblind and did not study hard enough.

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