SGT Stelly wins

On Friday night SGT Damien Stelly, one of our instructors at the Army Combatives School, made his pro MMA debut against David Davis of Amarillo TX, winning by Rear Naked Choke in 41 seconds.

Congratulations to SGT Stelly and thank you to Jacare Cavalcante and Manu Ntoh for helping with training, Brett Moses for putting on a great show, and David Davis for coming with heart.



congrats to him, when is he fighting again?

Outstanding show and very good job on Stelly's part. He is a great fighter and nobody is more deserving of the win. True professional.

SGT Stelly starts PLDC this week so his next fight will be in a couple of months. We haven't locked anything in yet.

SFC Larsen...This is Andrew Chappelle, I met you in Atlanta (atleast I believe it is you). Just curious,what is PLDC, an how long is it? Thanks

Andrew, it was me. By the way I thought you looked great on Friday. I think Jr. was surprised that your Jiu-Jitsu was better than his and you were better in the clinch also.

PLDC is a one-month long school that new non-commissioned officers go to. It stands for Primary Leadership Development Course.


I must have missed you on Friday night. Damien looked good, he has a great mix of tools. Congrats.


Thanks for the compliments, and telling me what PLDC stands for. I was also surprised with Junior, he is a good guy. I would like to see him fight another opponent so I can see his skills against a different fighter. I think he will do well with anyone at his weight. Stelly took his guy out so fast, it was hard to see what he's got...what I did see showed good jiu jitsu, and good for in combat to be able to take some one out fast. TTT...for the Army competing MMA

Just curious, do you know if the Military has thought about competing MMA like they do in Boxing and Wrestling...ect.? That would be great for the sport and the Military.

Congrtas and chalk another one up for the US ARMY

I think that as tens of thousands of Soldiers are trained in the basics of MMA the sport will grow drasticly. The plan is to have competitions at every unit and post around the Army. It is inevitable for that to spread outside of the Army. Whether or not the Army will have an official MMA team I don't know.


I bet you could work something......

SFC Larsen,

Do you ever hear from SFC (now LT) Thomas? BTW, I think two of our guys got orders for the level one starting 3 May. Treat them rough.


CPT Mahfouz

Troy is in Afghanistan right now. He dropped by and rolled on the day he was flying out. We'll try not to beat you guys down too bad.