SH*T I love Victoria!

I needed to post that right at THIS VERY MOMENT.

red outfit = teh good

I apologize for the lack of pix.....feel free to ban me.

I did a GIS but she looks better in motion than in still pix..

She's hot, but she needs to slim those thighs down some.

ooh there was a nice crotch shot of victoria...yummy

I am prepared to live with her thighs.....

Her thighs are great!

Go jack to some Nicole Richie pics or somethin.

she suffers from long torso

"Go jack to some Nicole Richie pics or somethin."

No thanks.

Victoria's legs are too thick. That's pure fact.

Merry Christmas!

thanks TIM

Nice pics cheers I would have sex with her.

the Illustrated man has tried hard, but failed almost as spectactularly as nogamejones.

Victoria's legs are fine, just the right kind to have wrapped around your head.

I don't see any yellow frogs..and there ain't nothing wrong with them thighs, lol!

Imageshack doesn't work on this site.

crap, they're gone now..sorry. I totally forgot about the imageshack thing.


does she wear stockings or tights?

LMAO @ her legs being too thick!!!